Insoles Engineered for Everyone

While many people struggle with foot alignment issues that can be very specific to each individual, the impact of harmful shock waves we experience walking on concrete surfaces all day is something that affects everyone, old or young. In the past, our ancestors walked on soft surfaces, which absorbed the shock waves generated by their feet hitting the ground.  Nowadays we almost always walk on hard paved surfaces, such as asphalt. 

Swiss designed, and thinner then a dime, NOENE undersoles absorb and dissipate up to 92% of harmful shock waves produced in every step.  Every jump, stride or step, whether from sports or daily activity sends harmful shock waves throughout the whole body.  Repeated exposure to these harmful shock waves accumulates over time causing damage to our bodies from our feet to the base of our skull.  By reducing the stress on your joints, added shock absorption helps reduce injuries and pain associated with everyday activities. 

We all know a fashionable, sleek sandal, that is also durable and comfortable for all day wear, is hard to find.  Davka Sandals are the first shoe to integrate NOENE directly into the footbed, allowing us to provide this revolutionary insole technology at a fraction of the cost of purchasing sandals and insoles separately. You deserve a sandal that works as hard as you do and looks just as good doing it.