Our Materials & Factory

To inspire people to invest in new products and brands, we believe customers need to be informed about the design and production process.  Our first sandal was built with you in mind. Along our journey, we will always be transparent and listen to our customers so that we can produce something special, together.  

Our Materials

From ancient times to modern day, leather has always been the best choice of materials for sandal form and function. 

All our leathers are sourced from Italian tanneries. Using vegetable tanned leather is better for both the environment and all workers involved in the process of tanning and manufacturing the sandal. Unlike synthetic materials, leather will stretch and conform to your foot over time. Our leathers are also phenomenally breathable because they are not resurfaced with additional chemicals. 

Working with suppliers in Italy, we designed a flexible rubber midsole with a traction outsole that's flexible like a sneaker and elegant like a traditional Greek sandal.  Since traditional Greek sandal mid soles are made of stacked leather, a centuries old technique intended to produce long lasting outsoles, they are not flexible and offer no cushioning or support.

Our outsole design considers today’s modern cities, with paved paths and concrete. A rubber sole that flexes and conforms to your foot as well as absorbs shock, offers the needed support for your daily life.

Our Factory

To make the best quality product possible, we traveled to Italy, the world’s premier shoe manufacturing destination. There, we met and partnered with a family owned shoe company based out of Verona. Started over 30 years ago by a father and his sons, today they employ over 1,200 workers in both Italy and their factory operations in Bosnia. 

Each artisan is personally trained and closely supervised by the founders, who are truly passionate about their craft. Partnering directly with this highly experienced team allows us to see their ethical business practices for ourselves. Their supply chain is fully integrated with all materials and components sourced from Italy and brought to their own factory in Bosnia. State of the art equipment reduces waste throughout the process.  All workers are paid fair wages and have safe working conditions. We are proud to work with an organization which upholds high standards of conditions and quality.

Our Pricing

In today's increasingly interconnected and global marketplace, traditional retail methods are being challenged. The internet has enabled innovative companies to reach out directly to you to support new products that speak to your needs.

Today, funds that typically were designated for marketing and other retail overhead expenses can instead be invested into upgrading product quality, supporting better business practices, and passed on as savings to you!

Comparable quality all-leather sandals retail upwards of $200.  Usually, in order to manufacture an affordable sandal, businesses need to reduce the quality of their product by using cheaper leathers or adding synthetic materials.  Working directly with the factory and selling directly to you, we are able to reduce our costs and optimize our pricing without sacrificing the quality of our product. 


Davka Sandals is a small family business, so it is only fitting that we would find like minded people across the globe to build our vision.  We are honored and excited to make products we love with an amazing team and to offer our sandal to you at an unbeatable price.